FXWars 33 MechArena Teaser

This is the teaser for the animation me, Florin Mocanu and my colleague, Vlad Maftei, have been working on.
Models are done by Roberto Ortiz from CGTalk and Mike Hanson. Vlad Maftei is in charge of camera animation, rigging and animation. I handled some additional modelling like volcano crater and some details on the robots and also, lighting/shading, rendering, FX and compositing.

The story is, 2 robots fight eachother in an abandoned arena, which was constructed in a volcano crater. The volcano started to be alive once again and because of that, the arena is not available for public matches, only for private duels.

It contains 4 shots, comped with all the bling, all is 3d, no footage, no tricks, they are not 100% finished, more like 95%, tweaks and small changes will be done surely. We are focusing now on the rest of the shots.

I hope you like what we have achieved this far.


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