Hi everyone,

This is my latest work, a still image, created with Blender and GIMP, rendered with the new Cycles render engine, added last year to Blender. It’s all about the fluid here, i’ve played quite a lot with the fluid simulator from blender, a really fun and good tool. Post-production in GIMP, but the depth of field is straight from Blender, it’s not a post-production effect.

So, here is the final result:


And high res image link:


Casa Poporului : People’s House

A project i worked on at INDG, the studio where i work. It’s an imaginary visualization of what Bucharest and the biggest civilian building in the world might look like in the future. I worked on some modelling/lighting/shading and rendering, along with 3 more colleagues. Final composition and Matte integration done by my colleague, Dragos Jieanu.


Flying Saucer 360 test

I made a small 360 rotation of the UFO, i was curious how the shading looked in motion and how the shape reacts to lighting. Definitely gave me good pointers on what to tweak/change.

Hope you like it,

Roswell Challenge. First shading/look test

This is a first look/shading test, with quite a bit of PS to bring in the feeling of the image. Background is a photo.



I hope you like what i’m trying to do.

After a couple of days of look development, i will jump straight into testing out the technical part/simulation of the challenge, it’s going to be the biggest challenge to overcome and i want to go straight into it.


CGTalk – FXWars_Roswell_1947 UFO Crash Competition

Hi everyone,


I’ve entered the latest FXWars competition, on the CGTalk.com forums, the FXWars Roswell 1947 UFO Crash. The purpose is to create a crash of a UFO Saucer, using either supplied models by Roberto Ortiz from CGTalk.com or our own Flying Saucer models.

Here are some links to the competition, i will update my blog consistently with updates, like in the previous competition, the MECH Arena.

FXWars Forum Section :


My WIP Thread:


I hope you guys enjoy the creative journey on which i will start, i’ll keep you posted.


Evil Twin Lab

Two older renders made with Nox Renderer, 0.40 of one of my running personal project, Evil Twin.


High Res:



High Res:

CGTalk – FXWars 33 Mech Arena Final

Hi to everyone,


The competition from Cgtalk.com FXWars 33 Mech Arena has ended, me (Florin Mocanu) and my colleague Vlad Maftei won the main award, Best Visual Effects.

Vlad handled rigging and animation, while I handled modelling/lighting/shading/compositing and Visual FX.

Here is the final animation, we are really happy and proud on what we achieved.

Final Vote forum thread: